Daniel F Watts

Affiliate Professional

9 years ago I have finished my military, A week after i was already working at Intel, It felt like a dream come true, at that time. I was working 12 hours shifts, 4 days a week, making an incredible salary of nearly $2000 a month. Everything seemed to go in the right way, The path for success. I didn’t have any worries.. and then it happen, Intel decided to cut down on man power after a big deal with Nokia was canceled, I then realized.. My future is in the hands of others, the control i had over my life was just an illusion. After that experience I decided to take things into my own hands, and i started reading e-books about Internet marketing – I kept failing time after time, With only few hundred bucks made over 2 years period. My parents kept disconnecting the internet, and forcing me to get out and find a “real job”, In their point of view the only purpose of a computer was playing games and wasting time. I almost gave up many times. My big breakthrough came after i was familiar to Affiliate marketing, I started taking products from main sites such as Clickbank, And amazon.. Advertising on related forums, building e-commerce sites, and running campaigns.. I can’t say it was easy, but after awhile the cash started flowing into my bank account. The feeling i had when i received my first big paycheck was surreal! you cannot imagine the look on my father face when i showed him the first Check i received with $300, It was priceless! It wasn’t such a big amount, Even for back then, But i made this money while sitting in my room, Under my own terms, using nothing but my computer. My parents were in complete shock, they never thought it was possible. I slowly started earring their respect, and the peace and quite i needed to continue..

6 Years later…Becoming an Affiliate Master!

I can work whenever i want, from wherever i want, I truly feel blessed. If you believe you are stuck with your life, and in the same position and i was few years back, reach out to me and we can walk this though. I know what it feels to be lost without knowing what the future holds, I’m not here to sell you something or ask for anything, However if you made it this far and found my page, just simply get in touch for some guidance. Sincerely, Daniel​.

My Skills